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Beta 3 of Bread Baking Kickstart


The third beta of the Bread Baking Kickstart features recipes for kneaded breads that use yeast as their leavener.

New sections include recipes for English Muffins, Pita, Pizza, Bagels, Hamburger Buns, Challah, Cuban Bread, and Tangzhong.

Up next a chapter on using sour dough and other pre-ferments.

If you've bought the book already, this and all future updates are free.

If not, now is a great time to buy!



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Given your other work, I have no doubt that this is/will be a fantastic book. My partner needs to be gluten-free, so I cannot in good conscience make a bread that she would not be able to eat. I didn't see the inclusion of gf breads called out on the web page, so I'm not hopeful, but I'll ask anyway: Does/Will the book include any coverage of gluten-free breads, gf pizza crusts, or the like?

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