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Free update to A Swift Kickstart

I'm busy updating my Swift, SwiftUI, Functional, and Combine books.

Up first is the Swift book.

I've decided not to include async/await and friends in this update as they are beyond the scope of an intro Swift book. I think this means that my next book will be one entirely devoted to asynchronous coding in Swift.

This update includes little touches for additions to the language in Swift 5.4 and 5.5, some simplification of examples, and a bunch of tweaks in response to reader suggestions.

As always, the update is free, and as always, I'd appreciate if you'd recommend this book to experienced programmers you know who are looking to learn Swift.

To test the latest you will need Xcode 13 (in beta). If you don't have it yet, I've left the previous version of the book up on the site as well.



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